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I can't believe that there are no ways to fix this issue? How can Valve treat their game like this? I'm nearing the point where I just can't play CS: I put a lot of money in skins etc, I feel like I at least should be able to play the game I used to love the way it is supposed to be played, without hackers.

I hope I am not the only one that has been experiencing this issue. Showing 1 - 15 of 82 comments.

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It's free xp on overwatch. Last edited by Pixelpusher ; 14 Mar, 7: Well that's just it. I did back out. The other game I got into was hacked as well. The amount of hackers is ridiculous.

I agree, it's pretty ridiculous. I play games to have fun, it's not so fun when there are players that feel the need to change the default settings to something ridiculous. Play the game how it was developed. One big example why I love playing Battlefield's multiplayer - You don't get into many if any hacked games, and most of the players are pretty mature.

I'm excited for Battlefield 3.

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I only wish you have enjoyment out of your online games in Call of Duty. Not much else can really be done other than what I've already stated. If you ever find yourself in a dodgy lobby the advice is to switch off your xbox immediately in case of deranking or if you've been infected.

O wow dude way to scare me now. I didn't switch of of my console, I just backed out. I need to leave COD, the game not only is unbalanced, but the developers lazy support pose a security risk as well. I just went back into COD4 and the first game that Matchmaking offered me not only was unlimited ammo hacked, but also everyone was flying. Ever since support was stopped for the older CODs ie pre Black Ops those games have been hacked to death. I've been playing online games since Counter-Strike was in it's infancy and I've never seen anything like this.

The fact that it's happening to games from the biggest entertainment franchise on the planet is something that'll be talked about for years. At this stage in age, I believe it's all about the money train. Since Call of Duty is a major hit, it's considered a fact that Call of Duty will make tons of sales, no matter what. If this today in a matchmaking hack.

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